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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Vegaprint Terms & Conditions

To process your order online customerneed to accept these terms and conditions. By confirming an order the customerwould enter into binding agreement with the company and has agreed to be boundby these Terms & Conditions.


Company Imprint
Unless the customer has specifically requested a ‘blank label’ delivery, anywork would carry the name and imprint of the company.

Invoice and Prices
VegaPrint is entitled to change prices at any time but the website price willremain same at the time of transaction.
Prices mentioned on the website are subject to the customer using the websiteand placing an order and payments are charged for work. Other methods ofplacing an order and payment for the work may be charged extra cost to coverextra charges that would increase the cost of the company.
Prices published on VegaPrint website apply on the condition that the orderdata on which the prices are based does not change after the order has beenplaced Cost caused by subsequent changes made by the customer will be chargeseparately.
After placing online payments by the customer invoices will be send bye-mail.  Before placing an order customer agrees to this form ofinvoicing.Design and Print Charges Thereare separate costs for a design and print job. The cost of design depends onthe time taken to finish the design job. 

Preliminary Work
Any experimental work on customers request would be charged.

Any errors and omissions due to supplying unsuitable file, inadequate copy,incomplete instruction due to which additional work would require shall becharged.

Prices are exclusive of tax and the Company reserves the right to charge VAT andother tax on purchase.

a.    Proof reading and check will be applied by the customer toexamine and approve the work. Customer should check and inform any mistakes orerrors to the Company prior completion of work.
b.    The Company bears no liability for any error which has notbeen corrected by the Customer. After finished work any alteration andadditional correction would be charged extra. If the style layout and design isleft to the Company any changes therefore made by the customer would be chargedextra.
c.    Layout and contents should be accurate provided by thecustomer where the customer has to provide accurate proofs and it should beunderstood and accepted by the Company and it is also understood and acceptedthat the proofs may not be accurate for colour comparison to finished work. Onthe request of customer about more specific and achievable level of colourmatching additional charges may apply.
d.    Company would effort to get the best possible colour oncustomer work but slight variation is possible in printing and it is understoodand accepted as a reasonable that Company shall not guarantee an exact match incolour or texture between the images, photographs, transparency, proof,electronic files, Print Ready File, or any other material provided by thecustomer to print their document.

Quantity Variation
Every order will be printed in correct quantity and delivered. However, someslight variation is possible while printing process and it is understood thatquantity may vary slightly in more or less 5% after finalizing printingprocess, such variations are immaterial an in this instance no returns oradditional charges are due. Where shortage is greater than 5% the limit of theCompany’s liability to make up this shortage within reasonable time or creditthe shortage quantity.

Material Supplied or Specified By theCustomer
1 Electronic File and Print Ready Files
a.    It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain a copy ofany original Electronic File or Print Ready File provided by the Customer.
b.    The Company shall not be responsible for checking the accuracyor suitability of the documents that they provide in Electronic format.
c.    If the electronic file or electronic format is notsuitable for the outputting on system or equipment normally suitable for suchpurposes without adjustment or may reject the file because of error in filetherefore any cost that may incurred to adjust or in correcting such errors ormaterial purchased.

Storage & Risk
a.    All the Customer property given to the Company by or onthe behalf of Customer while its possession or in transit are deemed to be atCustomers risk unless agreed in writing and Customer should insure accordingly.
b.    The Company shall be entitled to make a reasonable chargefor the storage of any Customer’s property left with the Company after notificationof completion of work and collection.

Finished Products
a.    The risk in the work and all goods delivered aftercompletion of work will be delivered to the Customer should ensure accordingly.
b.    After completion of work the Company will store Customer’smaterials and work for period of maximum one month, after that it would beremoved and cleared without further notice.
c.    In the event where the customer is unsatisfied with the qualityof the finished product, refund will be done on the printing job.  

Where Vegaprint is responsible forboth design and print jobs and the design has been approved by theclient but is unsatisfied with the print, refund will only be done for thelatter. 
Retention of Title
a.    The work and goods remains the Property of the Companyuntil the customer has paid for it and discharged all other payables owing tothe Company.
b.    If the Customer is unable to pay to the Company due toinsolvency and the work has not been paid fully Company may hold the deliveries
c.    If the Customer selling the goods before they have paid infull to the Company, they may continue with the sale on the trust of theCompany …….
d.    If the Customer breach the above mentioned Terms due toinsolvency or bankruptcy Company can approach to Customer’s customer and maywork directly to them.

a.    Claims of any damage or, delay or loss of goods in transitor of non-delivery must be informed to the Company in writing by the Customer,and should be informed with in ….. working days after receiving the delivery.And in the case of non delivery within ….. days of dispatched goods. Any claimin respect thereof must be in writing to the Company. …..
b.    If there is any error or mistake in the work, Customer mayrefuse the work, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform the reasonof rejection of work and any errors or omissions in Work should be providedwith sample for our check. Within …. Days of delivery of the goods, later thanthis it will be assumed that customer accepted the work.

a.    If there is any error or mistake in the work is defectivedue to negligence of the Company therefore liability shall be limited of theCompany in correction of such errors and mistakes.
b.    Company will rectify any errors and omissions in work andwill not be responsible for any consequential loss or any third party claimswhile correcting the mistakes. Therefore Customer shall not be able to claimfurther for work. Furthermore, customer shall not be able to amend thecontract, refuse to pay or cancel further deliveries.
c.    The full quantity of defective work must be return to theCompany before replacement or return of credit. If the work is not returned tothe customer within time and not available to the Company, it will be assumedthat customer has accepted the work and no credits replacement or replacementswill be issued.
d.    The Company shall not be liable for delays indirect loss,consequential loss or third party claims occurred due to delay in completion ofwork or for any loss to the customer due to delay in transit, whether as aresult of negligence or otherwise.
e.    Replacement works and rectifications of defective workcustomer must accept it unless they show clear argument to re-rectify. If thecustomer choose third party for rectification of mistakes, therefore theirright would automatically revokes to any remedy from our Company for work to bere-done. That would include the right of credit after the work done by theCompany.
f.    Where the work forwarded to the third party or on thebehalf of the customer, it should be checked and approved by the customerbefore forwarding, and it is also cleared that Company bear no liability forclaims on third party work.
g.    The Company reserved the right to refuse any workforwarded to them which have been started by third party. Unless it is sendprocessing the work any further. Therefore customer should request to continuewith notwithstanding, then the company is ready to do so after instructed bythe customer in writing.

a.    If the customer became insolvent, the Company have a rightnot to proceed further with the work or contract for the customer and reservesthe right to charge for work that already completed and any payments of thegoods purchased by the customer has to be paid. Any invoices must be paidimmediately.

General Lien
a.     If the debts are unpaid by the customer, company has aright of general lien on the goods and property provided by the customer inpossession whether it is under working process or not. And it such goods wouldbe removed after …… days notice to cover debts that owned by the customertowards company, any debt balances remained by the customer would be dischargedfrom liability in respect of such goods or property.
b.    The company shall be indemnified by the customer inrespect of any claims, cost and expenses incurred to the Company due tocustomer’s printing of any illegal or unlawful matter that would includelibelous or affects adversely on copy rights, patent rights, design orproprietary or personal rights of others. The indemnity shall include paymentsthat has been made on lawyer’s advice in settlement of any claim due to anymatter affects adversely or libelous of other.

Illegal Matter
a.    The Company shall not print which in their opinion is ormay be of an illegal, offensive extreme or libelous nature or an anything whichis inappropriate for the company’s or third party’s proprietary rights.
b.    The customer is responsible to supply all necessarymaterial to reproduce any work like artwork, photographs, copyright of text andother materials. Customer is fully responsible for obtaining all importantauthorities and consents prior to instruct the Company to reproduce the same.The Company shall bear no responsibility and therefore be blameless for anycost, damages, expenses that may arise from or suffered or any claim regardingsuch reasoning that the reproduction has affected or infringes the intellectualproperty rights of any third party or misuse of any confidential information ofthird party.
c.    Design work ordered by the customer and created by theCompany, its design, material type, copyright shall belong to the Company
d.    The Customer shall have no right to reproduce the work orauthorize any other person to reproduce the work either fully or partly, whichhas been done by the Company, unless it is authorized in written by theCompany.  Otherwise, it would infringes the copyright or design right.
e.    On the request of the customer, Company may assign thecopy right and design right to the customer and charge for it.

Suitability of Work supplied
a.    It is the responsibility of the customer that the productthey are ordering is suitable for its use, Company shall not be responsible forits unsuitable use like incorrect type of paper, specified for goods to be postprocessed through a laser, inkjet or similar printing device, self adhesive orlabel products which have special requirements such as products that will beused for food packaging or labeling etc. However, Company will guide and assistcustomer in choosing the right product on the request of the customer.

Data Protection
a.    Data of the customer will be protected by the Companyprovided by the customer after placing an order. Data of the customer regardingdetails of the customer may held by the company for accounting purposes and maypass to third party contractors where necessary in completion of work, such ascourier services, for delivering the work to the customer. This informationwill be retained by the Company even after completion of transaction.
b.    By placing an order online or registering on the Company’swebsite the customer agrees to using its information for marketing purposes.Where the Company notify the customer about new offers, promotions, services,special offers.
c.    It is hereby notified to the customer that the Company maytransfer information about the customer to Credit Agency in Pursuance to clause8d.

a.    These Terms and Conditions and all other express  andimplied terms of the contracts shall be governed and constructed with the lawsof England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts ofEngland and Wales

a.    All instructions and notices relied on both parties andall changes made to this agreement must be in writing and require dulyauthorized signature.
Variation to Terms and Conditions
b.    These terms and condition may be amended and updated fromtime to time. The updated version of these Terms and Conditions may be accessedvia the website.

a.    Due to the nature of printing business, once orderedcustomer shall not be given a cancelation time period. Once the printing orderhas been placed after preliminary work, the customer cannot cancel the order.

a.    Clauses and sub clauses of this Terms & Conditions areseverable and if any clause or identifiable part is held to be unenforceable byany court of competent jurisdiction then such enforceability shall not affectthe enforceability of the remaining provisions or identifiable parts thereof inthese Terms and Conditions.

Design Terms and Conditions

Any form of creative or non-creative work carried out including but notlimited to work carried out on writing, alignments, corrections, graphics,pictures, colours & contrasts and adaptations from a format to another etcin the artwork will be treated, as designing & standard designing chargesare applicable on all such developments and the design is allowedbefore finalising.
For major changes which requires creativity and re-structuring of thepreviously conceived idea will be charged at £25/hr.
Any non-print ready files will incur an additional charge with concernsincluding but not limited to 5mm bleed , Text alignment, Crop Marks , Art workor Picture Resolution , Fonts outlined, File formats, the only acceptableshould be in PDF, Jpeg, Tiff or EPS.

Note that any design created by Vegaprint Ltd will remain the property ofVegaprint Ltd.
We reserve the right to destroy or delete any artwork, whether created byVegaprint or presented by Customer for amendments, upon order completion.
Vegaprint reserves the right to display Vegaprint company logo or trade mark onall stuff we print for you. If you have any issue please ask us to remove itbefore authorising it for printing. Vegaprint doesn't accept theresponsibility of any kind if any such change is being noticed aftercustomer's approval price

Preliminary Work


All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at customer’srequest shall be chargeable.
Discounted designing charges are only offered in conjunction with largeprinting orders. Any changes in printing order will eventually effect thedesigning price initially agreed, In that case Vegaprint Ltd’s reserve theright to charge standard designing charges.
All designing activities with one to one customer’s involvement will be chargedon £25/hr basis.
Any amendments (Including, creative or non-creative changes, writing, graphics,pictures) in previously designed artwork will be treated as a new designingassignment and will be charged as standard designing cost unless agreed inadvance for different rates.
For each designing assignment, created / altered by Vega print, one timeamendment in the design is allowed before final approval.


Where any additional work of whatever nature is necessary as a result ofcopy supplied by a customer not being clear and/or legible, the Vegaprint shallbe entitled to make additional charges on a time and materials basis to coversuch additional work. 
Any designs/artwork provided by the customer will be disposed off, 7 days postcollection or delivery.
Any design/artwork transfer to another printer/designer will carry a surchargein addition to the original design cost.
Cost of Pictures / vector file/ graphics or any other third party copyrightedor non copyrighted purchased material for the artwork preparation is a costwhich is not included in the designing cost. Its the responsibility of theCustomer to either supply all such material or pay the cost of timerequired for search and purchase of such intellectual products.Estimates
Estimates are based on Vegaprint current costs of Designing and quotes areapplicable for 30 days. Vegaprint reserve the right to change prices thereafterif production has not commenced. Charges will be applied with priornotification & agreement to work which is not supplied print ready.Additional charges are also applicable where major changes and amendments arebeing proposed by the client in the final artwork just before approval.

Design Confirmation
Confirmation of the Design order is subject to sight of artwork & fullpayment being received. This means Vegaprint will check the customers’ artworkto ensure the quote is in line with the print ready artwork. An emailconfirmation (status confirmed) will be emailed to confirm receipt of artwork& payment. This will be accompanied with an invoice. It is at this stagethat Vegaprint Ltd have accepted the order & is ready to proceed to print.In other case, when the art work is being sent for print after approval fromthe client, it would be deemed to be confirmed. A surcharge of 50% of the totalamount payable for printing is applicable where printing order is revoked soonafter its confirmation.
Any change to the artwork made after the design confirmation will be chargedfrom £10 to £50 depending on the type of change.


Where Possible, Customers are invited to come in person to approve the finalartwork. Otherwise suitable online means will be used by Vegaprint for sharingsuch artwork. Final artwork file would be sent through e-mail to the clientwhere full amount was being paid inadvance.Designing is a creative process,despite of all the efforts Vegaprint cannot guarantee or take anyresponsibility for not meeting customer’s timings on design unless agreed inwriting by Vegaprint. Any photographic/stock image purchases, artwork, designswill remain in Vegaprint’s archives & can be used in other future artworkcreated by Vegaprint.


Customer has right to cancel designing order before approval of the order,however, after initial approval Deposit will be non-refundable which is 50% ofthe total agreed price. If the Cancellation is made during or after thedesigning process the refunded amount will be dependant upon the amount of workalready being carried out. The amount to be refunded will be on the discretionof Vegaprint.


Designing is usually vatable. On most occasions printing flyers, leaflets,booklets & magazines are zero VAT rated. For further information, pleasevisit

Privacy Policy

Vega Print Ltd do not disclose buyers’ informationto third parties other than when order details are processed as part of theorder fulfilment. In this case, the third party will not disclose any of thedetails to any other third party.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of the business,Vegaprint are unable to offer returns & refunds of unwanted artwork. Vegaprintdoes not accept any responsibility or liability for the loss of artworkincluding handwritten notes, Text, graphics, Patterns, colour codes or anyother raw material which is directly or indirectly linked to a specific or nonspecific task of creating design or an artwork, including and not limited toany material supplied by the customer, or any unfinished or finished artwork inthe form of software, scanned copy, photocopy, emails or handwritten notes.Therefore, all customers are advised to keep a copy of such artwork withthemselves before we are being provided with anything, However, If you need anyspecific file Just ask and we will be happy to help. However, due to copyrightswe reserve the right not to provide the source file of the artwork beingcreated or under process.