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Digital & Litho Printing

No Design? No Problem!

Exclusive Business Stationery Designed with your business in mind

We believe any print material you use to operate or promote your business should be of the highest standards in terms of design. Why? Because this is your brand statement. 

Selling solutions not promises

Design is an essential part of your business growth and development, creating a positive brand identity and achieving clear communication with your consumers is a must for business growth. This is why Vegarprint believes in providing all your business solutions because to us minding your business is our aim and Vegaprint is more than just ink. 

Total Graphic Solutions 

All our graphics designers are a dynamic group of artists, designers letterers, copywriters who create the original artwork that defines Vegaprint products. They are highly experienced and have several years of multi-domain industry knowledge from creative or non-creative work, writing, alignments, corrections, graphics, pictures, colors and contrasts, and adaptations from one format to another. We can put our designers in direct contact with you to avoid any communication gap.  The graphic design team will ensure that your target audience doesn't miss the message you want to communicate.

Fostering your business growth

Using the most up-to-date tools for your design work allows us to ensure that your business always stays a step ahead of your competition. Our designs are crisp and clear yet eye-catching. We understand when the quality of graphic creativity is strong, your business will attract and retain consumers. 

Our team follows strict quality standards across all your business print materials including Letterheads, Business Cards, Compliment Slips, Leaflets, Booklets, Catalogs, etc.

Here’s what we can design for you  









Animation and multimedia

Business cards

Sign Boards

Corporate videos


Digital Menus

Other customized solutions

So far thousands of unique Business cards and Business media solutions have been designed in-­house with our design partners. So why wait, get in touch with us and we will put you into touch with your personal designer. We will provide you with a quotation you can't beat.  

Graphic Design Pricing Policy 

Due to its nature, all graphic work will be assessed case by case, so please take some time to consider our Pricing Policy.

Major changes that require creativity and restructuring of the previously conceived ideas will be charged at £25/hr.

Any non-print-ready files will incur an additional charge with concerns including but not limited to 5mm bleed, Text alignment, Crop Marks, Art work or Picture Resolution, Fonts outlined, File formats, which should be in PDF, Jpeg, Tiff or EPS.

Note that any design created by Vegaprint will remain the property of Vegaprint.

We reserve the right to destroy or delete any artwork, whether created by Vegaprint or presented by Customer for amendments, upon order completion.

Vegaprint reserves the right to display the Vegaprint company logo or trademark on all products we print. If you have any issues please ask us to remove it before authorizing it for printing. Vegaprint is not responsible for any requests for removal of such after the customer’s approval.

Preliminary Work

All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at the customer’s request shall be chargeable.

Discounted designing charges are only offered in conjunction with large printing orders. Any changes in the printing order will eventually affect the design price initially agreed upon. In that case, Vegaprint reserves the right to charge standard designing charges.

All designing activities with one-to-one customer involvement will be charged on £25/hr basis.

Any amendments (including, creative or non-creative changes, writing, graphics, and pictures) in previously designed artwork will be treated as a new design assignment and will be charged as standard designing costs unless agreed in advance for different rates.

For each design assignment, created/altered by Vegaprint, a time amendment in the design is allowed before final approval.


Where any additional work, of whatever nature, is necessary as a result of inadequately supplied artwork by a customer, Vegaprint shall be entitled to make additional charges.

Any designs/artwork provided by the customer will be disposed of, 7 days post collection or delivery.

Any design/artwork transferred to another printer/designer will carry a surcharge in addition to the original design cost.

The cost of Pictures/vector files/ graphics or any other third-party copyrighted or non-copyrighted purchased material for the artwork preparation is a cost that is not included in the designing cost. It is the responsibility of the Customer to either supply all such material or pay the cost of time required for the search and purchase of such intellectual products. 

Estimates are based on Vegaprint current costs of design and quotes are applicable for 30 days. Charges will be applied with prior notification to work that is not supplied print-ready. Additional charges are also applicable where major changes and amendments are being proposed by the client in the final artwork just before approval.

Design Confirmation

Confirmation of the design is subject to the sight of artwork and full payment being received. This means Vegaprint will check the customers’ artwork to ensure the quote is in line with the print-ready artwork. 

An email confirmation (status confirmed) will be emailed to confirm receipt of artwork and payment. This will be accompanied by an invoice. It is at this stage that Vegaprint has accepted the order and is ready to proceed to print.

In other cases, when the artwork is being sent for print after approval from the client, it would be deemed to be confirmed. 


A surcharge of 50% of the total amount payable for printing is applicable where the printing order is revoked soon after its confirmation.


Any change to the artwork made after the design confirmation will be charged from £10 to £50 depending on the type of change.




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