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Letterhead Design: Some expert tips

If you are sending a letter to your client or customer or planning a direct mail campaign, it is best that you design a letterhead instead of sending a note in a non headed paper.  A note on a letterhead adds a personal touch and is perfect opportunity to market your brand to your clients.  Like business cards and compliment slips, letterhead printing  should be designed carefully keeping the target audience and your brand identity in mind.

Designing a letterhead could be daunting. Especially since you need to keep it simple yet attractive. Letterheads are your first interaction with your customer and hence they need to be both eye-catching and memorable.

Designing letterheads: A step by step guide

To begin with, keep your letterhead design simple.  You must understand that letterhead functions as a delivery mechanism. Hence, you should keep the design as simple as possible.  This makes communication clear and visible. List your brand logo and contact details on your letterhead.  This brings us to the hierarchy in design. You should place the company logo including the person who needs to be contacted at the top. Follow this up with address, telephone number and  the email address. Consider what kind of details you should include other than the contact details.  While using the logo in your letterhead make sure that the font used is correct. As already mentioned earlier, you must keep your design simple. Use colours as carefully as possible. Colours when used sparingly can be a great way of attracting your audience.

A guide to letterhead printing the right way

When designing your letterhead to the best of your abilities, consider what kind of paper stock would suit   your letterhead printing. At Vegaprint, our letterhead printing paper stocks range from 90gsm matt paper to 120gsm recycled paper. If you are looking at a thicker quality of paper, you can opt for the 160gsm matt paper. Choosing the right kind of stock for your letterhead will make your letterhead visually appealing. It will also add a premium quality to them. You can add some special effects to your letterhead printing to give it a more premium feel.  Consider options like spot UV, foil-blocking and die-cutting which are cost -effective and classy. So if you are thinking of designing your letterheads, consider our A4 letterheads templates that will help you design your letterheads without any hassle. Simply design your letterhead and upload your artwork on our website.





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