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3 Tactical Strategies to Secure New Print Business Over the Summer

New Print Business

Summer Sizzle: 3 Tactical Strategies to Secure New Print Business

While summer can evoke images of vacations and slower business cycles, for the print industry, it’s a season brimming with potential. Graduations, community events, and a general shift towards outdoor activities create a unique opportunity to attract new clients. Here are 3 strategic maneuvers to ignite your print business and keep those presses humming throughout the summer months:

Strategy 1: Become an Indispensable Partner for Local Summer Events

Festival Fanfare: Summer is synonymous with vibrant festivals and bustling farmers’ markets. Partner with local event organizers to become their go-to print provider for flyers, posters, and eye-catching promotional materials. Highlight your ability to deliver high-quality prints within tight deadlines, ensuring event organizers can meet their promotional goals without scrambling.

Graduation Glory: Every summer, schools erupt in celebration of graduating classes. This presents a golden opportunity for print shops. Reach out to schools and parent associations to showcase your expertise in crafting custom graduation announcements, invitations, and celebratory yard signs. Invest in showcasing a diverse portfolio of designs and high-quality paper stock to set yourself apart from the competition.

Promotional Paradise: Summer is a prime season for businesses to launch eye-catching promotions and contests to draw in customers. Become a trusted partner by offering local businesses special deals on flyers, postcards, and coupons. Help them craft impactful marketing materials to advertise their summer sales, events, and special offers. By establishing yourself as a resource for effective summer promotions, you’ll not only secure new clients but foster long-term relationships.

Strategy 2: Expand Your Reach with Summer-Themed Outdoor Print Solutions

Sidewalk Signs Sizzle: As the weather warms and people spend more time outdoors, sidewalks become prime real estate for grabbing attention. Promote eye-catching, weather-resistant sidewalk signs as the perfect solution for restaurants with bustling patios, shops with summer sales, or local attractions seeking to entice passersby.

Banners Take Flight: Summer events often involve expansive outdoor spaces. Position yourself as a provider of high-quality, durable vinyl banners. These banners are ideal for event sponsorships, promoting products or services, or providing directional signage at large gatherings.

Picnic Perfect Packaging: Picnics are a quintessential summer activity. Partner with local businesses offering pre-made meals or curated picnic baskets to design custom packaging that does double duty. Create visually appealing packaging that not only protects the food but also serves as a portable advertisement for the business. This strategic collaboration allows you to tap into a new market segment while offering existing clients a unique summer marketing opportunity.

Strategy 3: Craft a Cohesive Marketing Strategy that Blends Print and Digital

QR Code Craze: Integrate QR codes into your printed materials. These scannable squares can bridge the gap between print and digital marketing. By linking QR codes to your website, social media pages, or special summer promotions, you can create a seamless user experience. This allows potential customers to learn more about your services or redeem special offers with a quick scan, transforming a printed flyer into an interactive touchpoint.

Social Media Synergy: Don’t underestimate the power of social media to promote your summer print specials and showcase client projects. Create engaging visuals that capture the essence of summer and highlight the impact high-quality print materials can have. Offer enticing discounts or promotions for customers who mention your social media posts, further amplifying your reach.

Website Refresh: Ensure your website reflects your summer focus. Showcase your capabilities for summer-themed print products, like graduation announcements or eye-catching picnic basket packaging. Include testimonials from satisfied clients in the event or food and beverage industries to build trust and establish yourself as the go-to print shop for summer needs.

By implementing these strategic maneuvers, you can transform the summer season from a lull to a boom time for your print business. So, get out there, connect with local businesses and event organizers, and showcase the power of summer-inspired print solutions! Remember, a proactive approach coupled with creative print solutions can position your business as an essential partner for summer success.

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