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Promote your business with a company brochure

Three steps to making stapled brochure printing a success

You have reflected on stapled brochure printing several times for your start-up business or your corporate business. But have you ever thought about how exactly you would make your stapled brochure printing a success?

To begin with, you need to decide as to how would you like to promote your company brochure. Do you want your brochure to inform customers about your products and services or do you want to use your stapled brochure as a platform to publicise your business.

If your brochure should be an informative one, make sure that your services and products are clearly stated and that your company contact details are visible.  You could also add some new offers of your products and services as an incentive to your customers.  If you are thinking of launching your start-up company or have already launched one, publicising it is the next big task. A company brochure is your best bet. You could list your company’s aims to not only attract investors but also to capture the target audience market.

How to create a lasting impression with your company brochure?

Your stapled brochure should help identify your business.  Hence it is important that your design should be attractive and engaging. If you have more than one company brochure identifying different brand categories and products, ensure that the communication is clear and does not overlap. Avoid generalisations at all cost in your brochures. It is a good idea to launch your brochure if you are launching a new campaign in the market. This way people will not only remember your brand because of the campaign but will also store your brochure for future use.

In order to make your stapled brochure printing a success, consider using different brochure sizes. For instance, it is best to print an A4 size stapled booklet or brochure if you are printing an annual report or organising a conference for your clients. A pocket size A5 or A6 stapled booklet or brochure  is however very handy if you are distributing it amongst your customers. First impressions count. Hence, use good quality matt and gloss paper to leave a lasting impression among your clients.









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