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Printing Compliment Slips: A guide to using them

Compliment slip Printing: why are they important?

When we speak of business stationery, compliment slips are something we tend to include in that combination. However, is compliment slip printing necessary for your business? If yes, what are the various ways in which you could employ them for the betterment of your business?

To begin with, compliment slips can play a big role in your brand building schemes.  You can forge long term customer relations with your customers with compliment slips.  You could begin by attaching your compliment slips when sending something to your client.  The note that you provide on your compliment slips leave a lasting impression on your clients.  You could design your compliment slips with your brand logo so that customers can recall your brand when they think of the personal message you sent them.

Compliment slips should have a professional feel about them. You can achieve it through professional compliment slip printing. At Vegaprint we provide high quality smooth to touch compliment slips which is sure to create a lasting impression on your clients. A good quality compliment slip will create a lasting impression on your clients.

Compliment Slips: Design and Print

It is important that you add a personal touch to your compliment slips.  Add the name of the client you want to send the note to. From taking the time to write something, to personally naming them on the slip, a compliment slip is a great way to build and develop a personal relationship with your customers. Keep your compliment slip design clean and crisp. For best results, use a white background.  A white background will let your message stand out and not be lost.  Get creative with your compliment slips. Your layout and design of your compliment slips should be impeccable.

You can use Vegaprint’s compliment slip templates to design your own compliment slips.  At Vegaprint our compliment slips are printed in three paper types including the 120gsm uncoated paper,  160gsm uncoated paper and 90gsm uncoated paper. We also have recycled 120gsm paper to give your compliment slips a superior and premium finish. You could choose between small and large quantities. What’s more, we can dispatch your compliment slips in 24 hours only. So now you have more reasons than one to go for Vegaprint’s compliment slip printing service. Next time when you order compliment slips, why not also try our letterhead and business card printing services.





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