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Pop up Exhibition Stands : When to use them?

When it comes to choosing between banners, you may forever be thinking about which banner will best be suited for your needs. For unique promotional materials for your business, pop up exhibition stand could be a good option for you.

Pop up Exhibition stand for Indoor Promotions

If you are participating in an exhibition, indoor trade fair or a conference then pop up exhibition stand is your best bet.  At Vegaprint, our pop up exhibition stands come fully equipped with the pop up frame, a wheeled carry case, a case wrap and even two lights for the complete package. Our pop-up exhibition stand comes in different sizes and are strong and durable. It is important to get your message across clearly in your pop up exhibition stands. Hence, ensure that you have your contact details including your website and phone number. This way your customers can contact you post the exhibition or the trade fair.

Benefit from Roller Banners and Pop Up Exhibition Stands

A good way to impress your clients with your unique marketing promotions will be to use roller banners as well to attract them.  You can use your pop up exhibition stands at the trade fair or at a conference only in indoors. However, you can make use of your roller banners outdoors. At Vegaprint our roller banners  are durable and weatherproof and perfect for outdoor settings. Our roller banners have a fast turnaround with 24 hour dispatch available.

However, before you print your pop up exhibition stands and roller banners, make sure that the design and layout is in place and the communication clear. If you are unsure of the size, you could use Vegaprint’s pop up exhibition stand and roller banner templates to design your own customised promotional materials.  Make sure that your company name and logo and important details are visible from a distance and are well-lit.  After all, you just have some few seconds to make that lasting impression on your clients.






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