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Student Printing Services: What’s on offer

Although everything is digitally written and emailed these days, we still cannot discount the importance of

printed term papers and dissertations.  Some of us also depend on the printed paper when it comes to making important notes before the examination. It is here that Vegaprint’s student printing services come into play.

Student Printing Services at Vegaprint

Vegaprint has been providing photocopying and printing services for students since its inception, 8 years ago. The aim has always been to provide affordable and value for money poster printing and  dissertation printing services that bring smiles on our students.  If buying your own printer and keeping tab of the living costs is a hassle for you in a  new city, we recommend you the cheapest photocopying and printing services ever.

Student Printing Services Poster Printing
Half Price Discount on Poster Printing Services

Here are some tips that will help you save a lot more than you could have imagined previously.

Make sure you print in grey scale instead of colour to avoid paying extra  for colour prints.  If you study with your friends, why not share the printing costs and take turn in printing lecture notes to keep your expenses in check.  Make sure you do not have to print lecture notes everyday. The bulk of your print matters as prices decrease if you have more notes to print on a given day. Hence, make sure you have enough prints, so that you don’t spend a lot on small amounts. Finally, do not forget to bring along your student cards to get discounts not just on our photocopying and printing services but also on our poster printing, business cards printing and flyer printing services.

Try and work around a strategy where you can always spread the cost among your friends.





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