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Finishing What You Started – 5 Key Tips to Get Your Dissertation Ready to be Printed and Binded

tips to finish your dissertation

Writing a dissertation is sometimes the worst nightmare for students. Finishing up a work that requires almost a year in some cases is not an easy task. But the important thing to remember is to see this as a marathon rather than a sprint. If you break it down into stages, it will become manageable and stress-free for you.
As Vegaprint, we face a great number of students who have been under the pressure of completing their dissertations but managed to overcome it and come to our shop to bind their work before submitting it. So, here are five tips from us based on what we hear from our customers who achieve the ultimate relief of completing their dissertation and come to Vegaprint to give the perfect finishing touch of our printing and binding services;

structure you work before start writing
If you having a hard time to structure your ideas you can always go for the help of visual aids.

Constructing Writing Strategies

When it comes to writing, the first thing to keep in mind is to never pause or go back. You can always go back in the upcoming stages for a round of revision. First you should take your perfectionist hat off at first so that it won’t slow you down right away. In order to execute this strategy in an efficient way, it is better you write in layers first. By this, you will be able to fill in the gaps easily later on. And if you experience the writer’s block in the beginning, you can just start with the topics you are comfortable with and the rest will come. If you still having a hard time to structure your ideas you can always go for the help of visual aids. Illustrating your points with a diagram in PowerPoint will make it easier for you to put them into words.




break your work into small tasks
Breakdown of tasks will help you to set realistic goals.

Planning Your Progress

Always set yourself minor goals beforehand. Thus breaking tasks into smaller pieces will help you to avoid confusion and will enable you to set more realistic targets. It would also be helpful in planning your progress which is suggested to be tracked with a calendar so you can monitor it based on the right track.





try to avoid distractions
Always make sure there are no distractions in the room.

Study Environment  

Try to arrange yourself an organized study space and eliminate any distractive element that would keep you busy. Plan your goals from the night before and try to get together with your peers time to time to write in groups but never compare your dissertation with theirs as it might affect your or their motivation in a negative way.





Take a Moment for Your Own Peace of Mind

Negative thoughts? Lack of concentration? Feeling insecure? Take a moment to think about what you’ve progress and make sure you’re in a good mood before you start again. You don’t have to rush yourself into an unproductive session and end up regretting it in the end. So take your time and wait for the right moment. Don’t forget to reward yourself at times too!




Print and Bind Your Dissertation at Vegaprint!

You’ve made it! Countless nights without sleep, long hours of writing is about to pay off after months that felt like years!

Now it’s the time to bring your dissertation into life in a nice, presentable way it deserves! First, get the advantage of our student printing services. Either it’s A4 or A3, we print your dissertation as soon as you need it and bind it the best way to give your work the finishing touch before you submit it. And finally choose one of our wire, comb and fastback binding services and make it stand out with a professional look. Come to Vegaprint and get the best student offers today!





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