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Print, Bind and Submit: Our Dissertation Printing and Binding Services


Last week we have given you few tips and tricks on how to overcome your dissertation problems.  As the Christmas holiday is approaching, students have started to wrap up their work. The look for the printing and binding their work before submitting it to their instructors with relief and possibly joy is on. So we thought this is the perfect time to tell you more about our useful dissertation printing and binding services.

At Vegaprint, we print both A4 and A3 sizes based on your request. Whether you want your work to be printed in color or black and white, we mak sure you’ll get the best student prices around Cardiff with the fastest delivery possible.

Binding is the other service we provide for student dissertations. It is the essential final touch that brings the whole work to life. Here are the three dissertation binding types we have.

wire method dissertation printing and binding

Wire Binding: Are you looking for a dissertation document that is easier to open? Wire binding is what you are looking for. It allows the reader to open the document completely flat to allow for a 360-degree rotation without causing any damage. This method may not be an eye-pleaser like the fastback method but will definitely come in handy. Especially if your instructor wants to go through your work.

comb method dissertation printing and binding

Comb Binding: Similar to wire binding, comb binding is another method that will make things easier when the reader wants to open the book flat but 360 degrees. This method also stands out as a rearrangeable one. It can be opened and removed from the document to make changes.

fastback method dissertation printing and binding

Fastback Binding: With the use of heat and ready-glued strips to the spine of the document, fastback method creates a strong and permanent binding for your dissertation. It gives your work a professional look. However, be advised not to open it flat as it may cause a damage and leave marks. Avoid opening flat to give it an unwanted worn-out look.

Go to our website or call us from 029 2034 2291 for more information on our dissertation printing and binding prices.






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