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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Dissertation Look Nice

Last week on our blog, we have shared tips on how to finish your dissertation easily and binding methods you can use at Vegaprint to make it stand out. Now it is time to check how you can improve your findings visually with sound but not exaggerated ways. Here are five simple but effective dissertation tips to make your work an attention grabber.


 Dissertation Tip No. 1: A Good Structure

A good structure is basically building the right and solid foundation for your work. Before the creation of the table of contents and all the other lists you are going to make, start with planning and designing a structure. If you proceed with your writing accordingly to a certain path, it would be whatsapp bulk sender license key generator easier for the reader to grasp the whole idea you are presenting.  Try to put your findings in an order that makes it meaningful and easy to read. Thus, you will need to read your work to see the structure yourself at times.

A good structure would also make things easier when it comes to creating yourself a table of contents and list of figures. Don’t forget to include roman numerals on your avast cleanup premium license file 2018 table of contents as it helps to have the subheadings of each chapter and chapter titles.

An orderly index in the end is also going to avast internet security activation code till 2038 be helpful for the evaluator to check contents and go back to a specific part of your work.



dissertation tips use cover pages

 Dissertation Tip No. 2: Use Images Effectively, Not Excessively 

Visuals would make your work stand out, especially if used on the cover. But you shouldn’t forget excessive usage might undermine your work. Besides, more the number of images you use means more the referencing you need to make, so don’t be boring, neither be way too colorful with your work.


good spacing dissertation tips

 Dissertation Tip No. 3: Good Spacing Means Easy to Read

Since the evaluators will go through a long time of reading your work, you should be making things easier for them by any means necessary. Adjusting your character and line spacing right will be important factors with this.


 Dissertation Tip No. 4: Put a Little Excel

With all the data in your hand, designing and creating graph could be a hard task to overcome in Word. If you have an enormous amount of data in your hand and looking to design modern graphs excel could be your savior. You can get assistance from Windows webpages and soon as you are done with your chart, you can easily copy it into your Word document.


powerpoint use dissertation

Dissertation Tip No. 5: Put a Little Powerpoint

If you want to go the extra mile and create fancy diagrams for your work a little work on PowerPoint would make that happen for you. Same as in the Excel, all you need to do is to choose one of the templates, enter your data and copy it into your work.





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