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Budget-Friendly Christmas Ideas to Surprise Your Family

Having a holiday season on a tight budget and still want to surprise your guests? No problem! These budget-friendly Christmas ideas will not only put a smile on your loved ones but also make you have a Christmas without worrying about your expenses. Here are few alternative ways to stay afloat after Christmas.


Design Your Own Calendar

budget friendly christmas ideas calendar design

Yes, it may sound a bit of a tedious job but if you get some extra help, you can easily change it to a fun event for the family. Besides, the experience it offers is a unique one for your kids, as seen in this article.


Print Your Own Christmas Cards

Why buying a card this Christmas when you can design and print it yourself? Whether you want your own design or prefer us to design one for you, we offer you the best prices and quality.


Make Your Own DIY Gifts

budget friendly christmas ideas DIY gifts

Easier said than done, you can get the creative genius out from you with lovely budget-friendly DIY gift ideas for Christmas. There are loads of ideas you can check on the internet, and if you’re looking for something in particular, don’t forget to check Vegaprint at Pinterest!


Prepare A Fine Mulled Wine for Your Guests

budget friendly christmas ideas mulled wine

Spice things up a little with a lovely home-made mulled wine. There are recipes you can find on the internet but you can always try cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, star anise or whatever combination of these you fancy. Either way, you’ll come up with a great taste as a result of a cheaper option.





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