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Choosing the Right One: 5 Business Cards for Your Company at Vegaprint

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Business cards are an essential material for a company and its executives to support their image. Even today’s digitalized world, they do still matter. It is a small but an effective gateway to many business opportunities. Its effects last longs even after you meet a person. It could simply lead to get you a new job, a great business partnership, or help your business make money.
At Vegaprint, we are aware how useful of an item business cards are. We make sure our customers get their cards in time with an impeccable quality and an outstanding design if requested.
Here are 5 business cards we offer at Vegaprint that will get you new business opportunities.

Uncoated Business Card

uncoated business cards
Are you looking for a simple but a classy solution for your business? Our uncoated business cards are the ideal choice for those who believe in the aphorism less is more. These 85 x 55 mm standard size cards boast of a matt finish which makes them look classy and minimalistic. Choose between 350gsm to 450gsm thick papers with the best professional design and print your uncoated and recycled business cards at Vegaprint.

Square And Mini Business Card

square and mini business cards

Try our premium square matt and gloss laminated cards and you will be left wanting for more. These cards will sure help you to generate more business for your company. Our square and mini business cards are high quality and absolutely value for money.

Economy Business Card

economy business cards

Our economy business cards are easy and also could be customized according to your needs. Get the best economy 350gsm silk and economy card prints for best prices at Vegaprint.

Standard Business Card

standard business cards

A standard business card is an attractive way to market your brand, company or product on the go. Our matt and gloss laminated standard business cards have the potential to attract a large client or customer base in a very short period of time. 450gsm cards are the premium ones for high-end businesses. Luxurious and bound to give you quality results, you can request these standard card prints online from our website.

Multi-Name Business Cards

multi-name business cards

Create multiple bundles of business cards at the best prices. We offer you uncoated and silk artboard material with a thickness ranging from 350gsm to 450gsm. These look luxurious business cards are sure to give you the top quality results. Don’t forget you can print your cards online from our site as we offer the best and the cheapest card printing services with free delivery.





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