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15 Tips of Creating Great Business Cards for Every Small Business Owner

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A good business card is everything for your business because it creates the overall impression of your brand that one doesn’t know about anything. Don’t consider it as something light because it just measures around 2 inches by 3.5 inches. Always try to invest a reasonable amount of money and the right amount of time to design it.

1: Think about the overall color scheme

If your business markets something about ladies or kids then you may choose bright and vibrant colors with a feminine design. But if it’s something with financial or trading consultation then the shades of grey would give a professional feel.  In short, just use your common sense.

2: Think about the overall design

Be minimalistic in your design and try to create a professional look. Don’t add everything you see. It is not a game of including everything that looks good to you.

3: Don’t underestimate the power of the logo

Take your time and research a lot before finalizing this step. You would agree sooner or later that it creates an unforgettable impact on the customer’s mind. Keep it simple and kindly don’t add essentials as your logo; it’s outdated.

4: Include the most important information

Try to include the necessary information only and essentially. Choose wisely what you want your customers should know and how they can approach you.

5: Avoid Full coverage

Use the extra space wisely and don’t go for full coverage and filling in every left-over space of the business card.

6: Get them printed professionally

Never ever compromise on the quality of the print. Hire a professional company as the quality speaks for itself.

7: Consider a call to action

Craft a short message that offers your services or upcoming discount offers. It should be relevant, direct, and short.

8: Try out unusual things

Use any real leaf or a part of a branch of the tree in your card. Yes, it could be something real. Something very close to nature or a keychain in a business card.

9: Make it more than a Business card

You can make a miniature cum business card as well. Search it. It’s very common nowadays.

10: Double-check your artwork

When you do custom business cards printing, always double-check your artwork whether you are fully satisfied or not.

11: Recycle old business cards

You may recycle old and useless business cards as well. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for it.

12: Use special finishes

Use special glossy finishes for your business card. It’s so much in trend.

13: Do as much research as you can

Having cheap business cards is good but not always. Don’t compromise on the quality and the overall look. Do research as much as possible.

14: Utilize the back of the card always

Don’t forget to take advantage of the back of the card. Whether you want something simple or not. It’s essential. Whether it’s your signature or the company’s slogan. Whatever it is just fill in that space.

15: Don’t forget to add the #hashtag

If your brand or product is on social media as well then don’t forget to create your hashtag and use it in your personal business cards printing as well. It would be much easier for people to remember you and your company.






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