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Warm the Hearts of Your Loved Ones: 10 Simple DIY Christmas Card Ideas

diy christmas cards ideas

It’s that time of the year and the Christmas shopping rush is in full spate. Shopping malls are brimming with customers who are trying to get the best gifts for their beloved ones and Christmas card stores are definitely getting a fair share as it has always been. Buying a nice Christmas card for them is all fine but how about making one? There isn’t a better way to show you care than a handmade card. If you are interested to add a bit of sentimental value to your Christmas card this year, these ideas are what you’re looking for. Besides, you will definitely have fun making them!

These Lovely Easy Pop-Up Cards with Green and Snowy White Tree Alternatives by “Red Ted Art”

creative christmas card pop upcreative christmas card pop up

You Can Use the Same Pop-Up Method to Make Them Look Like Gift Boxes On Your Card Too

pop ups are very popular

These Cool Torn Paper Tree Cards by “Granne med Selma”

easy but cool christmas card desing

These Simple Reindeer Design Cards by “Banks-Sadler”

nice simple reindeer christmas card design

These Charming Tree of Thread Cards by a Finnish designer

tree of threads as an idea for your christmas card

These Colorful Paper Christmas Tree Cards by “Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons”

choose rich colors for your christmas cards

These Awesome Hollies Made Out of Red Buttons by “Beccy’s Place”

unused buttons for Christmas card desing

These Nifty Coloured Farfalle Cards by “My Cute Christmas”

christmas card made out of pasta

These Creative Snowman Looking from Below Cards by “DigiTAALSpeciaal”

snowman christmast card

These Smart Dotted Ribbon Tree Cards

christmas card made out of ribbon

…Or Bring Your Design and We Will Print It Out for You!

These designs are looking awesome and all but hey, not everyone has the time or the competent handicraft skills to make them. So you can simply send a design of your choice to us and we will get it placed beautifully on a card of your choice. Go to our online store and place your order now!





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