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The Ultimate Solution for Reopening Your Business and Keeping Others Safe

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COVID-19 has long-lasting repercussions for the whole world. It has affected not only our lifestyle but also it has sent the economy of the nations on a downward spiral. In this scenario, there is a need to adapt to new norms. To prevent the spread of the virus, lockdown across the nations has triggered a global economic crisis. The business world is facing innumerable difficulties so there is a need to work smartly and keep others safe. Businessmen are in a dilemma between opening their businesses and the safety of their employees as well as customers.


The following tips can be used to maintain a healthy environment in your official area as well as ensure the safety of others:

Sanitization and Proper Cleaning

Coronavirus is able to live on different surfaces for long or short periods of time depending upon various environmental factors like humidity, temperature, etc. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in official areas is a necessity of time.  Cleaning and sanitizing the official indoor and outdoor areas promises a reduction in the number of infections caused by the virus. This includes proper cleaning of:

  • Door knobs, toilet handles, and faucets
  • Point of sales (POS), floor, keyboards, and monitors
  • Other instruments or gadgets of official use

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

As workers or employees are part and parcel of any business therefore their health means everything for a businessman to be progressive. Availability of personal protective equipment for employees i.e. masks, gloves, soap, tissues, and towels should be made essential.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is the most important factor that can help reduce the spread of the virus hence assuring the safety of others so we can say that social distancing is the new sovereignty. Maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet is compulsory. This also includes covering your face with a protective mask while coughing or sneezing and self-isolating yourself from others if you are showing any symptoms.

Educating Your Employees

Thinking about reopening your business? The first step should be communication and discussion with your employees. Educating your workers about the current situation is mandatory to make everything go smoothly.

Remote Working

Remote working or working from home is the best solution to cope with the current financial crisis hence it can save you from impoverishment. There is a need to frame your digital infrastructure that will be very helpful in flourishing your business during this period of ambiguity.

Instant Action

Instant action should be taken in case any employee or worker having symptoms of coronavirus or any confirmed case is involved in official pursuits.

Avoid Crowd

Avoid your official area being crowded or jam-packed because a massive mob is an easy way to spread of the virus. Place floor markers or anti-slip tape on the floors spaced 6 feet apart to follow the social distancing guidelines and strictly enforce safety measures as recommended by the World Health Organization by placing safety signs and labels.

The setting of Your Official Area

The setting of the official area should be in accordance with social distancing safety measures, chairs and working counters should be placed 6 feet apart as we know:

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring on entrance and exit gates should be in practice. This can help a lot in detecting the active cases and hence flattening the curve of the infections.

Hope this helps in reopening your business at the same time protecting others.


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