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Corona Virus Essential Printing Products for Retailers

The outbreak of COVID-19 around the globe has made it mandatory for everyone to follow preventive measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and social distancing guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO). In this uncertain time retailers, entrepreneurs, and business executives are looking forward to opening their businesses as normal, at the same time making it obligatory to use all available means to reduce the spread of the virus.

Why There Is a Need for Corona Virus Essential Printing Products for Retailers?

Retailers are engaged in the task of buying and selling quality goods and products to their customers that’s why following the social distancing guidelines and maintaining proper hygiene at their workplaces is essential.
A lot of products have been launched by various printing industries to help retailers cope with the deadlier virus which has now become a hard nut to crack for everyone. Detail of some products is given below:


  1. Hygiene and hand wash poster
  2. Please queue here poster
  3. Contactless payment poster

These posters are very helpful in this critical situation to convey the basic information about how a company is operating during this time of crisis hence making it easier for the customers to understand instantly about the guidelines.

Face Visors and Sneeze Guards

To deal with the virus a lot of advanced safety equipment has been launched to ensure the safety of the working staff and employees, face visors are one of them. Face visors are cheap and also add an extra layer of shield along with the mask hence assuring the safety of the employees. Moreover, sneeze guards are also seen in abundant use which acts as a physical barrier between employees and customers and is usually made of acrylic or glass screen to protect the people or food from exposure to respiratory droplets hence effective in reducing the risk of infection.

Roller Banners

Roller banners are very helpful as they are very portable to use and big enough to catch the attention of the spectators, with their self-standing exhibition stand. They are easy to transport, lightweight yet sturdy therefore can be easily used in official indoor or outdoor areas for conveying safety measures to the general public.

Vinyl Floor Stickers

Floor stickers are being used on floors with a distance of 6 feet which is mandatory to maintain according to social distancing guidelines. Safety sign floor stickers are now becoming must-haves for retailers as they are very helpful in managing the proper queue of customers for safety purposes.

PVC Banners And Flyers

PVC banners are durable, resistant, and weather-friendly so they are more effective to use. PVC banners and flyers containing safety measures are essential for retailers in this crucial time.

Foamex Signs

Many printing industries have also launched Foamex signs to make it easy to promote the general instructions regarding coronavirus. Corona correct signs can also be customized as they are inexpensive and durable for a short time span.

Hand Sanitizer Label

Many companies are using hand sanitizer labels to remind employees and customers about sanitizing and disinfecting their hands after a sneeze or cough. They are very helpful and retailers are making their availability essential.
Prevention is better than the cure, therefore, if you are running your business during the global pandemic go for having all coronavirus essential products to ensure the safety of your employees as well as customers.


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