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Is Conversion Growth Of Printing Industries Declines Due To COVID-19?

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COVID-19 has considerably affected all the areas of our life i.e. human health, daily life activities, routine chores, official work as well as working industries. The sudden outbreak of the virus has plunged many businesses into a state of paralysis or flux. COVID-19 has given mankind a hit below the belt by sending the economy of the world off the street. Like all the other industries, survey reveals that printing industry is in the state of fluctuations.

Now the question is that how COVID-19 has affected printing industries? Has the conversion growth of printing industries declined due to COVID-19? The answer is yes! More or less it has affected the conversion rate of the printing industries.

Conversion growth/conversion rate

Conversion growth or rate is the percentage of the visitors who visit your website and complete a desired action or goal to the total number of visitors. The business world is badly suffering in a time of global uncertainty as it has reduced the conversion rate of the visitors and hence caused a decrease in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). The main goal of the business executives is now to emerge intact when the new normal arrives.

Steep decline in print volumes

Due to the pandemic, the print volumes across more of the printing sectors have seen to be in steep decline. Print production was somewhat stable until mid-March 2020 but with the sudden spread of the virus which triggered the global shutdown, a significant reduction in the print volumes was seen especially in the commercial market. 66% of the print industry executives are seem to be affected by the global havoc of the virus with 3% of the rest are likely to be having a critical impact. However, 21% are cautiously optimistic as they are taking it as an opportunity to drive innovation from the chaos to improve their products and services.

Increase/decrease in print volumes

Commercial or local markets seem to be more affected as the lockdown has forced businesses to be shut. There is also a decline in the business and professional service customers however there is an increased demand from healthcare and government sectors. Packaging and label sectors are seemed to be unwavering as there is an increase in demand from food and pharmaceutical industries.  Moreover, an increased demand from business owners for spreading awareness about safety measures has also benefited many printing industries and hence helped gaining them some conversions.

Things you can adopt to improve

In this critical time, increasing conversions is the top priority of any industry because high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design.

Multitude of strategies or tactics can help you now to survive through this period of uncertainty:

  • Attractive offers can help you catch some extra conversions.
  • Ease of process also gives a kick in gaining more conversions as it saves the time of the visitors.
  • Increasing the interest of the visitors by adding eye-catching visual effects.
  • Optimization of your website.
  • Increasing communication with the visitors and satisfying them about your products and services.
  • Reviews from satisfied customers.

It will be hard to say something in anticipation during this period of ambiguity but maintaining the level of your persistence and consistency can help you a lot!

Be smart, be proactive!





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