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DL Size Guide For Beginners

Looking to print sleek and professional promotional materials for your business, but not sure about its size? You are in the right place! This DL size guide for beginners will help you to pick the correct size for the print material you are planning to purchase. So no need to get lost in the world of measurements or memorize every single size for each material anymore. With this guide, you will have a better understanding of the DL concept and get the most out of it.

Best way to start learning about DL paper sizes is to get a knowledge about their standard measurements, let’s start:

What Is Exactly a DL Size?

The acronym DL stands for “Dimension Lengthwise”. A DL size is measured 99mm x 210 – which is exactly one-third of an A4 paper. It is a standard size for personal envelopes, cards and invitations.

It is important to consider the dimensions when you are going for a DL size paper for your marketing efforts. Bigger


DL paper size dimensions

The first thing to consider is the size when it comes to deliver your message through a DL material. You should mind that a large size paper would give you more space to include your message, although you shouldn’t underestimate the power of smaller sizes to make an impact.

How does DL size compare to other paper sizes? 

DL sizes


At first, size of a DL paper may confuse you. But there are only a few differences in terms of size that need attention.

In terms of width, DL stands shorter than A6 but longer. It has the same length as A5 but has a shorter width. When compared to an A4, it stands as one-third of it. And the rest goes as one-sixth of an A3, one-twelfth of an A2 whilst an A1 is 32 times the size of a DL and an A0 is 64.

DL size envelopes

Envelopes are the most common types of DL sized documents thanks to their one-third size of an A4 paper. Thus they’re commonly used as business letters.


DL size leaflets

DL size leaflets will surely give your document a sleek and a sophisticated style! You can try slim A5 size leaflets to promote your restaurant’s menu, company’s services or even for vouchers.

DL size brochures

Brochures are a very effective way to promote a product or a service and have been used in the marketing field for a very long time. They could also be used as informative documents give more detailed info about certain products or services.



DL size flyers

DL size flyers are an effective option to promote a particular event or a product in terms of its marketability. DL flyers will give an extra boost to the matter you would lik to highlight with an elegant design.





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