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Refresh Your Stationery with Latest Printing Techniques

Here we will talk about common and basic printing methods.

To be involved in different business interaction modes, you can utilize these printing techniques. We have engraving, thermography, embossing, digital printing, flat printing, foil stamping and letterpress techniques for you.

Engraving Technique

This printing technique has been in use for centuries. This method is about engraved designs which are made by using suitable inks. These designs are engraved on copper plates which are termed as dies. Printing paper is placed right over on these dies and then thousands and hundreds of pounds of pressure is placed on the paper. Because of this pressure, the design gets etched on the paper. As soon as the ink is transferred to a printing paper, a design is then engraved on it. It is an expensive printing option but effective too. This printing method gives a formal look to your brand and makes it more recognizable.

Embossing Technique

A three-dimensional design is created by following the embossing method. No ink is mainly used to complete this process, which is why this technique is too termed blind embossing. This method presses the paper between metal plates. It is one of the fairly simple processes. You will get lovely results if you have decided to advertise your brand by using the embossing technique.

Flat Printing Method

This technique is termed offset printing as well. This technique works in the same way as we have the working criteria as followed up by the digital printing technique. You get detailed results. Images are stamped on the printing paper by making use of ink. You can use a rubber plate, paper plate, or metal plate for the stamping process. It is a versatile printing method and you can do this printing either on thick paper or on thin paper.

Letterpress Method

It is since 1400 that this printing method has been in use! This method basically and mainly revolves around molding letters and designs by using inks. For the printing of books and pamphlets, this method is used. You can only use thick paper to try this technique. It is an expensive method but you will also get classic and beautiful results for your product.

Calligraphy Technique

Be it calligraphy or be it handwriting, both are personal printing techniques. If you want to make notes or these sympathy cards then this printing method has been excessively opted. You write it with your hands and to sign yourself. Handwriting methods can be done by layman individuals but calligraphy services are done by professionals only.

So get set because you are now going to refresh your stationery upon using and trying these latest printing techniques. Outdated printing methods are useless in the current time. To stand out in your brand image, one should move and go with the flow of these updated and current printing methods.





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